| Furniture Chalk Painting Class 101
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Furniture Chalk Painting Class 101

739 Ferry Street, Martinez, CA 94553


We are proud to announce we are distributors of “Chateau Chic” furniture chalk paint. We supply paint, brushes, waxes, and soft clothes.


Create beautiful furniture masterpieces simply by booking a fun and informative chalk painting class


Now you have an amazing opportunity to reclaim amazing pieces that you either already have, perhaps have the desire to shop for an amazing piece of furniture that needs extra love and/or dig up an old yucky piece of furniture that has been stored away in your garage/attic and you were just saving because you knew that one day, you would do something with that special piece, or maybe you were not!! Incredible transformations are in store for you with Chalk Paint!!!


Absolutely no sanding or priming!!!

You will learn 3 different
distressing techniques and paint application.


Three individual textured wooden baseboards are included to practice on during the instruction part of the class and you will be taking them home with you for a reference for future projects.


After the first 1 1/2 hour of instruction and practice, you will choose your desired technique and apply your new talent the last hour of class. You can paint either something you brought to class (smaller than a breadbox) or you have the option to purchase one from a wide variety of wooden pieces from the Lavender Moon art box.


Suggested items that are not limited to and that are smaller than a breadbox are as follows:

  • Picture Frames

  • Small Wall Shelves

  • Jewelry Boxes

  • Variety of Wooden Boxes

  • Candle Sticks

  • Foot Stools

  • Sculptures

Classes are offered in our private cozy loft upstairs which overlooks our beautiful showroom.


A complimentary cheese platter is always provided for my students and you are more than welcome to bring your own wine or drink of choice.




Tami Donrad


Lavender Moon Interiors

Tues - Fri.. 11:00am - 5:00pm

Sat - Sun.. 11:00am - 3:00pm

Monday.. Closed

724 Main Street

Martinez, CA 94553